Places to visit around Caibarién

Cayo Santa Maria y Cayo Las Brujas

The archipelago Sabana-Camagüey is north of Caibarién and has two amazing Cayos. Cayo Las Brujas is about 35 km from Caibarién and after 50 km, at the final end of the road, is Cayo Santa Maria located. The beaches of these Cayos are pure paradise, with white sand and blue water, a perfect place to snorkel and to discover amazing corals.
Rancho Querete
Before reaching Mayajigua, in about 30 km from Caibarién, a nature reserve can be visited. Rancho Querete with its small rivers and little waterfalls. You have to keep in mind, that the number of persons visiting the reserve is limited each day.
Lagos Mayajigua
Lagos de Mayajigua It’s about 35 km to “Lagos de Mayajigua”. This place offers swimming pools with thermal and medical water, a small natural lake and a gastronomic service. Ideal for a day to relax.

Parque Nacional Cayo Caguanes

We organize excursions to Cayo Caguanes, a national park, more or less 70 km east of Caibarién. This excursion for one whole day is to recommend for tourists as well as for scientists. Cayo Caguanes has three caves with very interesting pictographics of aborigines and a virgin beach to enjoy. For bird specialists we can arrange additionally tours for bird observations. Furthermore, speleology is possible and special tours for getting known the flora and fauna inside the park.
Embalse Hanabanilla
The artificial lake Hanabanilla is in the heart of the region Escambray and about 120 km from Caibarién. Within this excursion you may rent a boat for a trip around the lake, with a visit of the waterfall “rio negro”. For lunch you can go to the restaurant of the hotel or even better enjoy the local food in the house of one farmer.