Places to visit in Caibarién

Caibarién is a lively city with a lot of cultural spirit. In the year 2017 was the 125th birthday of their “parrandas”, which started in 1892. This tradition was established in Caibarién after the “parrandas” in Remedios and every year in December the whole city celebrates this event. In the “parrandas” in Caibarién, local art is shown on beautiful wagons, around the central place. It is actually a competition between the two “barrios” La Loma and La Marina. Part of the “parrandas” is a big firework that transforms the night into day. Another part is the “conga”, which is a mix of music with influences of the Spanish and the African culture. Within the “conga” you can see people in all kind of colors dancing together to the rhythm of their tambourines.
the museum “tradiciones de las parrandas”,
Another very interesting place to see is the museum of the academic Lenin Flores Marquez. A well-known historian and collector of thousands of objects of local and national importance.
To enjoy one evening with a concert of Cuban music and an exhibition of mostly local artists, the UNEAC is the place you have to go to. This building is eclectic, completely restored, a perfect place for dancing and enjoying an unforgettable night.
In Caibarién exists many projects for the protection of the environment, like Color miel or S.O.S. Mass. Those projects provide activities for children, but also for adults on the basis of producing artistic work. S.O.S. Mass is a place with a workshop and a gallery of the famous local artist Carlos Mass. His special technique of painting with colors made of soil and coffee is unique.
  Every Thursday and Sunday in the morning the local concert band plays for free in the central park. Their music gives you some magic moments, especially if you know that the conductor Marcos Urbay was part of the worldwide known Buenavista Social Club.
  Visit the small fort, built by the Spanish in the year 1891, near the entrance of Caibarién.
  We can recommend the museum “azúcar de caña” in Reforma, about 4 km from Caibarién.
  You can visit the printing office with the machinery older than one century and still working. Quite impressive.